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I forgot my password. How do I reset it? 

Log in and click on Forgot my password


How do I change my password?

Log in and click on Change Password


I'm having problems viewing the merchant portal, how can I fix this?

The merchant portal has been designed for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Please update your browser, if need be, to gain full advantage of this application. The interface has been designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, please refer to your PC documentation for information regarding monitor configuration if your settings do not meet this requirement.


I'm having problems with the verification process

If you’re having any technical problems during the setup process, you can always get in touch or check out our Community Forum for advice and tips. 

Send us an email at


Why do you need my Driver's Licence/Passport? 

We need to verify your identity and the validity of your business.

We keep your personal information secure and do not use it for other purposes.


How do I change my bank account information? 

Head to your merchant portal to make the change. 

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