Fraud management services

Industry leading security and fraud protection


Sophisticated fraud tools

Helping you manage risk, fighting current and next-gen hackers.


Centralised fraud engine

Advanced fraud management and detection technique is delivered in one place, minimising fraud when you process card payments.


Platform protection

Our platform enables you to accept and manage payments, mitigate fraud, and secure payment data.


Multi-layered solution

Relies on several machine learning methods to generate risk scores and automatically screen through our rules-based engine.

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Protect your business with fraud security


Relax with peace of mind

As a Merchant Service Provider (MSP), it's MYOB PayBy's responsibility to help the payments between your customers and your business go smoothly. We have fraud tools in place to ensure there's as little risk as possible when accepting credit card payments. You can rest easy that we've done our due diligence to provide the best protection for you.   


Get ahead of the risks 

Superior risk mitigation to businesses that are susceptible to payment card fraud and advanced AI techniques are in place for real-time interception and rejection of payment transactions prior to submission. Our fraud security takes care of the payment protection before any problems arise.  


Keep an eye on the future

We all know that malicious fraudsters exist to use stolen card data but there's also fraud that you sometimes can't anticipate. That's why MYOB PayBy can assess risk score to allow transactions to be processed but then flagged for further follow-up. Our protection is designed for all types of payments and all kinds of situation.

Ensure the safety of your business


The best way to maintain and safeguard your business against fraud, is to review your orders and customers on a regular basis. 


Look for large orders from new customers, consistency between shipping and billing addresses or questionable freight charges. While these activities don't guarantee fraudulent payments, it's worth taking the time to check.


Check customer details as it appears on the card.You’re the best protection for your business. By keeping an eye out for the warning signs, you’ll reduce the chances of credit card fraud ruining your day.

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